Best friends celebrate two years for Sunzone Tanning

Zoe and Sabrina outside the tanning shop
Zoe and Sabrina outside the tanning shop

Best friends, Zoe and Sabrina, are celebrating their tanning shop’s second anniversary in Linslade.

Sunzone Tanning opened in January 2016 and the business partners are inviting all their existing and any new customers to the salon on Monday, January 29, to celebrate their milestone.

Zoe Pope and Sabrina Anderson have thanked their loyal customers and are looking forward to the Town Mayor joining them on Monday for the celebrations.

Zoe said: “We can’t believe we have come so far in such a small space of time, we couldn’t have done it without the loyalty and support from our lovely customers.

“It was one of the scariest decisions we have ever made but it has been amazing.

“Between us both we have 6 children and the late nights and early mornings can be daunting, but the support from each other has been amazing.

“We never stop working and are on the phone voice noting all day, when one thing is ticked off the list there is always something else to add on but between us both we get it sorted.

“We are having a big 2nd year anniversary event on Monday and the Town Mayor is coming to support our celebrations and we would love our existing and new customers to come down.”

The girls will be offering deals and giveaways on the celebration day between 10am and 8pm at the new address, 39 New Road, Linslade.