Calls for sound reducing tarmac to be used on the A4146 near residential roads

The A4146 near Soulbury. Photo: Google
The A4146 near Soulbury. Photo: Google

A man from Linslade has called for Buckinghamshire County Council to use sound reducing tarmac when carrying out repairs to the Western Linslade Bypass.

The works, which involves resurfacing the Stoke Hammond and Western Linslade Bypasses (A4146), will take around eight weeks to complete and will start on Monday, August 13.

Tom Daly, of Derwent Road, has called for the council to use sound reducing tarmac for the works.

He said: “My enquiries to Bucks County Council have shown that they will be disregarding the original specification to use sound reducing tarmac (as laid originally) on the section of the bypass which is closest to Derwent Road, Cotswold and Malvern Drives.

“This is outrageous we have an opportunity to relieve some of the horrendous road noise which comes across to us. It is now like standing on the edge of an airport runway, and of course will only get worse.

“They say we have not complained but that is because we believed they had done everything they could to reduce the noise, but we found out that when the road was resurfaced a few years ago they used the normal tarmac.

“We request that sound reducing tarmac is used at least on parts of the road which are nearest to local housing.”

Buckinghamshire County Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Transportation, Mark Shaw said: “I’ve had to weigh up the surfacing options for the bypass in terms of durability, value for money and future maintenance costs over the next 20 years.

“Although a lower noise surfacing is an option, the better choice overall is hot rolled asphalt and I expect to confirm this when I sign my formal decision next week.”