Commuter in a tight spot after bizarre parking fine at Leighton Buzzard Railway Station

Photo of the space at the end were Simon parked
Photo of the space at the end were Simon parked

A motorist was left in a tight spot after squeezing his vehicle into what he believed was a valid parking bay at Leighton Buzzard Railway Station – but ended up with ticket.

Commuter Simon Mansfield-Sturgess has parked in the station’s car park regularly over the past ten years and has used the same space on several occasions.

Photos of the car in the car park sent to Simon by Indigo

Photos of the car in the car park sent to Simon by Indigo

So he couldn’t believe it when he received a ticket from Indigo Park Solutions, who said he had parked his Renault Twizy (an electric concept car) in an unauthorised space on Friday, June 8.

Simon, who has criticised Indigo for unclear signage, parked at the end of a row of cars where a bollard had recently been put in place, seemingly to deter motorists from using the space.

He contacted the company to ask for proof it wasn’t a valid space and questioning where the signs were to back up their argument. A month later he received a letter from the parking company explaining his appeal was rejected and he had to pay the fine.

He said: “When they did work to the car park a structural bollard was placed to the side of the space at the front, so normal sized cars can not fit in there, but my car fits.

“It is a small space, but it still has white lines and there are no signs saying it is not a space.

“Motorbikes use it and I have a small electric car which fits in it so I have used the space on several occasions, I have a permit which entitles me to free parking in the car park.

“There are some spaces in the car park which have yellow hashed lines across them where you are not allowed to park, but this did not.

“The photos they provided on my appeal clearly show my vehicle parked in a white lined space, so I cannot understand why it is unauthorised.”

Simon has paid the fine as he did not want to take the case to Magistrates Court or have to pay the full fee.

He told the LBO: “They are no longer required to offer an independent appeal and should I wish to take it further I would have to go Magistrates Court, which is a waste of the court’s time.

“I find it incredulous that I am only really entitled to an internal appeal, and that this has now been exhausted by simply asking for proof of the alleged offence.”

A spokesman for Indigo said: “Parking bays are clearly marked, and anyone parking outside these bays will receive a Penalty Notice.”