Concern at ponies’ welfare

LBO readers’ concerns over the welfare of a group of ponies in a field off Grovebury Road, Leighton have again resurfaced.

Complaints were made about the ponies’ condition. They have apparently been seen ungroomed and looking underfed.

Back in 2013, the LBO reported how the RSPCA was taking action over concerns about the ponies’ welfare.

This week, a reader told the LBO: “I saw one dead in the field on New Year’s Eve with crows picking at it. Days later it was still there.“

A spokesman for the RSPCA said four ponies had been removed from the site and that the landowner and Trading Standards had been contacted about the dead pony.

She added: “We are very aware of these horses and have been going to check on them daily, often with vets.

“We are trying to track down the owners, and find a way to take care of their welfare going forward.”