Crash victim pulled from car by passer-by

Leighton Buzzard news
Leighton Buzzard news

A woman who was pulled from her car after a road accident in Eggington has thanked the person who helped her.

The collision happened just after 8am in Leighton Road on Thursday, October 19, with the victim taken to hospital with injuries to her head and hands.

Louise Benesch, of Stanbridge, was on her way to work when she saw the car on its side and went to help.

She said: “I saw the car had rolled on to its side, it looked bad.

“The bonding on the front screen had come away and I was able to pull the window away and help her get out of the car.

“A lady called Michelle and a man called Darren also helped, we sat her in my car, called her partner and dad and waited with her until the emergency services arrived.

“Luckily, there was an off-duty paramedic, off-duty fireman and an off-duty policeman all on their way to work, who stopped and helped.

“The paramedic checked her over before the ambulance arrived.

“She was very lucky to get away with just bruises, the car was wrecked.

“The woman was looking for me on Facebook to thank for me helping her, she was very grateful and got me some flowers which was lovely of her. There were so many people that day who helped her, we all worked together to help her.”

The woman in her 20s who Louise helped, does not wish to be named, but told the LBO: “Louise was absolutely amazing.

“I admire her bravery and kindness, I don’t know where I would be without her.”