Driver caught on camera driving under the speed limit on Leighton Buzzard bypass

Digital speed camera
Digital speed camera

A man from Leighton Buzzard is warning others to take care when driving along the Leighton Buzzard bypass after he was snapped by a speed camera when he was going under the speed limit.

Phil Wilkinson was travelling East along the A505 Leighton Buzzard bypass, as he slowed down to turn onto Stanbridge Road the speed camera flashed him. He parked up and walked back to the camera to see if it flashed other motorists.

He said: “At the point I was flashed I was travelling at around 40mph, the speed limit through that section is 50mph.

“During the ten minutes of watching the camera it flashed a slow moving motorcyclist making the same turn that I had made, and it also flashed when no vehicles were passing.

“It is very strange at the time I was quite annoyed and angry but after seeing that it flashed when no vehicles were near it I believe it is a problem with the camera. I just want to warn other people who may have been flashed by the speed camera.”

Bedfordshire Police have been made aware of the problem and have said drivers who were travelling below the speed limit but got flashed by the speed camera, will not be prosecuted.

Inspector Jamie Langwith from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Roads Policing Unit said: “Speed cameras are set at the speed limit of the area, so even if a camera flashes and takes a picture there should be no prosecution unless the driver was going faster than the speed limit.

“Although engineers regularly go out and check the equipment, it may be that this particular camera has a fault, like any piece of electrical equipment can experience.

“I’m grateful that this has been brought to my attention, and I will ensure this particular camera is checked to make sure it’s working correctly.”

This is not the first time there has been a problem with the speed cameras on the A505. in December 2015, a number of motorists were flashed by the cameras while travelling under the speed limit.

A fault in both cameras along the stretch of road meant many drivers were snapped, despite keeping to the 50mph restriction. Central Bedfordshire Council admitted the parameter on the camera had been set wrong and fixed the problem with the cameras.

Then in March last year, motorists experienced the same problem, at the time, a spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said the force was carrying out tests on the speed camera and drivers who set off the camera but were below the speed limit would not be sent a notice of intended prosecution.

Four years ago Central Bedfordshire Council invested £350,000 replacing old cameras with digital ones – including the ones on the bypass, they are designed to be low maintenance and portable, and can be moved between locations.

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