Ex-Cedars pupil wins beauty crown – without entering!

Rachel in the pink dress with Mr Buckinghamshire in the black suit c1GR-9sWNijsn0N2ha-b
Rachel in the pink dress with Mr Buckinghamshire in the black suit c1GR-9sWNijsn0N2ha-b

A marketing student who says she struggled with a lack of confidence during her teenage years said she was amazed after winning this year’s Miss Buckinghamshire title.

Former Cedars Upper student Rachel Pitman, 21, said she now wants to help others after taking the crown at the awards ceremony in Chesham.

Rachel Pitman was crowned Miss Buckinghamshire 2015

Rachel Pitman was crowned Miss Buckinghamshire 2015

Rachel, who lives in Wingrave, said: “After dealing with a lack of confidence in my teenage years and realising it is an issue most girls deal with at some point in their lives, I am passionate about boosting the confidence of other young people.

“I am planning to do this by talking to schoolchildren and helping them to improve their confidence and realising their next level of potential.”

Rachel, who is currently studying a course in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing at the University of Reading said: “I didn’t actually enter myself for this! Two months ago I started getting emails from Miss England and I ignored them because it was a joke.

“I then got an email saying I had made the final and I hadn’t done anything!

“I don’t know who entered me but I think it was my mum.”

Rachel had to complete various rounds including the charity round, where she had to raise money for Miss England’s chosen charity Beauty With a Purpose. She also completed various other rounds including designing an eco-dress from recyclable materials, and a round where she modelled a dress as well as meeting the judges.

She added: “From a final 30 the judges then selected a top 11 and I was the last name called out.

“By then I had convinced myself I wouldn’t make it through so it was a big shock when my name was called.

“I was then given 20 minutes to prepare before I was named in the top three and then to be named the winner was just amazing.”

Rachel said the whole experience had massively helped improve her self-confidence and that as part of her new role she was planning to open a new spa in Northamptonshire which sponsored her during the experience as well as volunteering at homeless shelters in the county.

She said: “I am really keen to get involved with the community, whether it be helping with charity events or opening new businesses.”

Anyone interested in finding out more should email rachelpitman13@gmail.com