Family appeal to the public to help get their laptop and iPad returned

A man is offering a reward for the safe return of an iPad and laptop that were left in a suitcase on the High Street in Eggington on Friday, October 28.

Scott Cooper, of Derby, travels to Bedfordshire for work and stays in the area during the week before returning home at the weekends.

He was staying at The Curry Garden and Horse Shoes in Eggington when he left the black Swiss Gear suitcase on the pavement as he packed his car.

The suitcase had an iPad and Sony laptop with photos on that are sentimental to the family.

Scott’s wife Zaneta, said: “My husband lost his suitcase on Friday, he finished working a late shift and was coming home for the weekend.

“He packed his stuff into the car and drove home, he went straight to bed and the next morning I asked him to unpack the car so I could put the washing on, that’s when he realised he had not packed the suitcase.

“He was staying at The Curry Garden, he has spoke to them and they said they did see a suitcase on the pavement but they thought it was someone who was still there, packing to leave.”

The bag has been reported stolen to Bedfordshire Police, who have been unable to find it.

Mrs Cooper added: “We are gutted, the biggest loss is all the photos on the iPad, we didn’t back any of it up, all those photos of my son and daughter are gone.

“I hope somebody has found it and can give it back.”

Mr Cooper is offering a reward for the return of the suitcase, he said: “The suitcase is small, hand luggage size, there was an iPad and a Sony laptop which contain all our family photos from the last eight years. I’m offering a £200 reward for its safe return.”