‘Field from hell’ pony Olaf dies


There was sadness after a pony rescued from a fly grazing field in Leighton Buzzard died suddenly after a massive seizure.

Back in January, six-month-old Olaf was one of the eight horses rescued by RSPCA and other agencies from the “field from hell” off Grovebury Road.

Olaf and his mum Elsa were taken in by The Horse Trust to their site in Princes Risborough where both were nursed back to health.

The young colt had been making leaps and bounds recently before taking ill and suffering the seizure.

Jeanette Allen, chief executive of The Horse Trust, recounted how the ponies had came to them. She said: “We took Elsa who, at that time, we thought was pregnant as Olaf was old enough to be weened.

“But he was so anxious and so attached to her that we decided to bring him as well.

“They were underweight. They weren’t as emaciated as other horses but they were very, very badly riddled with parasites. Elsa, it turned out, wasn’t pregnant, she was just bloated with worms. It took four runs of worming treatment to clear her.”

The ponies’ new carers carefully introduced trickle feeding of plain food into their diets.

Jeanette said: “That’s challenging in ponies that haven’t been handled, they were very frightened of people.”

Olaf was placed in a stable with other male horses and quickly got used to handlers, as well as playing with the herd. Mum Elsa, who’s about seven, took longer to integrate.

Jeanette added: “Her blood results are still not as they should be and her long-term future is unknown, but for now her health is continuing to improve.”