Five day poverty challenge for mother-of-two

Sarah Ryan
Sarah Ryan

A mother-of-two will spend five days living on rice, potato and spinach to raise money for an international charity working to eradicate poverty.

Sarah Ryan, of Sandhills, is taking on the five day poverty challenge as part of the A Day In Her Food challenge for The Hunger Project, the consultant solicitor will follow the typical diet of a woman from Bangladesh.

She will be surviving on basic meals a day without meat, chicken or fish.

Breakfast will be two flatbreads made of flour, sugar and water, her lunch and dinner will feature boiled rice, lentils, mashed potato and spinach.

She will only be allowed to drink water during the five day challenge.

The 33-year-old said: “I will miss my food, especially my favourite popcorn snack, but I’m going to post photos of the women helped by the charity around my house to remind me why I’m doing it and to help spur me on when I’m feeling hungry.”

During the challenge she will still cook normal meals for her husband Sean, and their sons James and Thomas, she says she is looking forward to a roast dinner with all the trimmings when she has completed the challenge.

Sarah hopes to raise £600 for The Hunger Project, she said: “It’s a fantastic charity. I love that it empowers people in impoverished countries to be self-reliant and bring about change for themselves.

“I really hope I can meet my target as that would be enough to drill a borehole and provide safe drinking water for a community, or to purchase food processing equipment for a village.”

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