Flight paths over Leighton Buzzard reduced by London Luton Airport

Flight paths July 2015
Flight paths July 2015

MP Andrew Selous has praised the work London Luton Airport has done to reduce aircraft noise over Leighton Buzzard - but believes improvements can still be made.

The South West Bedfordshire MP visited the airport last week, during the visit London Luton Airport showed flight path data from 16 July 2015 and 15 August 2016.

Flight paths August 2016

Flight paths August 2016

The data showed a significant reduction in the number of flights over central Leighton Buzzard and Linslade, but he thinks more can still be done.

He said: “I think it was interesting to see the two different maps a year apart.

“I realise that it is not perfect and I want the readers to know that I will work hard to improve it but it is significantly better than last summer.

“When I mentioned that it is still covering the area of the town where there has been significant new housing development, they said when they were asked to reduce the flight paths over Leighton Buzzard, they were working on the old restriction, which does not include the new development.

MP Andrew Selous

MP Andrew Selous

“In the future they may be able to avoid the town altogether.

“I am glad that something has been done and it is moving in the right direction.

“It is my job to keep the pressure on the airport to make sure things keep improving.

“I spoke to NATS (National Air Traffic Services) while I was there and they are aware of the need to minimise aircraft noise over areas of high population.”

London Luton Airport has been working to reduce the aircraft noise over Leighton Buzzard, a spokesperson said: “An airspace change ten years ago placed restrictions on flights over Leighton Buzzard (unless operationally unavoidable).

“Since then however, Leighton Buzzard has seen extensive development to the South West of the town which falls outside the current restriction.

“As Mr Selous acknowledged, the situation has already greatly improved since raising the issue with the airport and NATS earlier this year.

“We continue to work together to improve the situation further.”