Gas main works paves the way for repair delay on Leighton Buzzard’s High Street

The Leighton Buzzard Society has called for Central Bedfordshire Council to carry out the work to improve the state of the town’s pavements.

Society chairman Maurice Crowe created a petition last April in a bid to get the council to improve the appearance of the pavements in the town and repair the damaged bricks.

The Leighton Buzzard Society has called for the council to carry out the work to improve the pavements

The Leighton Buzzard Society has called for the council to carry out the work to improve the pavements

He then invited the council to walk with him around the town centre to highlight the problems and at the time the council said they planned to make repairs to the High Street later that year.

Maurice said: “The Leighton Buzzard Society has been engaged for over three years in drawing to the attention of CBC the state of the Leighton Buzzard High Street.

“At a meeting of the council last July I was given an assurance the repairs would begin in Autumn 2018.

“This has not happened and on enquiries through Andrew Selous MP a reply has been received from CBC stating the delay is due to an impending gas main replacement scheme which is to be discussed very soon and they do not want to spend any money until these works have been completed.

“The Society argues that utilities like the gas works have always been a threat to the High Street layout and will continue so why not repair the pavements now.

“The contractor is obliged to reinstate the surfaces to the standard prior to the beginning of the works.

“And provided the work is monitored to ensure the standard is maintained, the cost of repair in these circumstances would be borne by the contractor saving the council money on the appropriate section of the High Street.”

A spokesman for Central Beds Council said: “We understand the Leighton Buzzard Society’s concerns and we have set aside a significant sum of money to make our own repairs to Leighton Buzzard High Street. However, the current issues are about appearance, rather than safety.

“There are gas roadworks scheduled to start after April. The utility company has a statutory duty to ensure that, after their roadworks, they make repairs which match the original surface.

“This helps to save tax payers’ money, and means that we don’t need to carry out additional roadworks that could cause extra disruption to local residents and businesses.

“We will be monitoring and ensuring that the repair works they do are of high quality. After that, we will be doing our own project to improve the pavements on Leighton Buzzard High Street.”