Give venomous snakes at Rushmere a wide berth

Adder at Rushmere: Greensand Trust
Adder at Rushmere: Greensand Trust

The Greensand Trust is advising the public to steer clear of adders if they should stumble across one as they stroll through Rushmere Country Park.

Adders are Britain’s only venomous snake and although not aggressive they will bite if they think they are under threat.

The snake pictured was snapped at Rushmere last Monday and a Trust spokesman said: “Rushmere is one of only three sites in Bedfordshire where adders are found and these fairly rare creatures are benefitting from our heathland restoration work which is providing a more suitable habitat for them to thrive in.

“While adders are not aggressive, if you see one leave it well alone and it will go on its way – be aware they are venomous and can give a nasty bite.”

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