Gritters are out across the county after Sunday’s snowy showers

Fallen trees om Heath Road. Photo by Peter Banwell
Fallen trees om Heath Road. Photo by Peter Banwell

Sunday’s snowy showers gave many families the chance to get out and enjoy the snow, but it also proved challenging for motorists across the county.

Bedfordshire Police said it had received a large number of calls about collisions across the county and that a number of roads were blocked due to the weather.

Fallen trees being cleared up on Heath Road. Photo by Peter Banwell

Fallen trees being cleared up on Heath Road. Photo by Peter Banwell

This included Heath Road near Sandy Lane due to a dangerous tree.

Peter Banwell reported the fallen trees to the Highways Team at Central Bedfordshire Council. He said: “A number of trees have fallen in Heath Road near the turning for Sandy Lane.

“They fell yesterday afternoon, the Highways team came out and closed the road, they are back today trying to clear the trees and make the road safe for drivers.

“They are big massive trees, some of them are 50-60 foot tall. They are hoping to have the road open this afternoon.”

Trees along Heath Road. Photo by Peter Banwell

Trees along Heath Road. Photo by Peter Banwell

A spokesman for Central Bedfordshire Council said: “We are aware of the fallen tree in Heath Road, Leighton Buzzard.

“The fallen tree was located on private land and the private contractor hired to remove the tree was expected to enforce a road closure to ensure the safety of road users during its removal.

“As this road closure was being ignored by motorists, our Highways team stepped in to provide traffic management to remove the tree.

“The team were on site at 8.30am this morning trying to remove the fallen tree as quickly and as safely as possible. The road reopened at 2pm today.”

Emergency services were also called to a car in a ditch at 4.40pm on Sunday on the A4146 between Galley Lane, Great Brickhill, and Stoke Road, Stoke Hammond.

And today, the majority of schools in the Leighton Buzzard have been closed, although some lower schools and nurseries have managed to stay open. Check out the list here

Central Bedfordshire Council’s gritting team had a busy weekend on the county’s roads and they will be doing a double gritting run today.

A spokesperson for the council said: “We have eleven gritters. Our team was out pre-salting during Saturday night and again in the early hours of Sunday morning across Central Bedfordshire in advance of the snow that arrived on Sunday.

“Our teams were out gritting three times yesterday (Sunday), using 40g of salt per square meter across our priority route which is over 420 miles long.

“The priority gritting routes include A&B roads and most smaller roads, especially if they are busy commuter routes, routes to hospitals, schools, or key to the emergency services.

“We’re doing a double gritting run today, with the first run already underway. The second run will take place at 4pm and we are also on stand-by for a third run later on tonight.

“We are reminding residents that the road temperatures are very cold, and to take care when they are travelling by road.”