Head to Facebook to moan


A Facebook group encouraging people to moan and complain about things has been set up.

Dave Bierton, of Leighton Buzzard, set up Leighton 
Be-B*****ed last month so the people in the town could have a moan.

He said: “I was looking on Facebook and there are groups for different things in the town but I couldn’t find anything like this.

“I wanted a group where people could have a moan about anything, that is what people love to do.

“My idea was that if people complain about something on one page then hopefully the police or council might take notice and things might change. I am hoping some good will come out of the group.”

The page is open to everyone and people are free to comment what they like but Dave will monitor the page and remove any inappropriate or offensive posts.

Dave added: “The page has proved popular so far, people like to complain about things, there are 255 members.”

To visit the group go to: www.facebook.com/groups/davidbierton/?fref=mentions