Hop along for your free rabbit health check at Leighton vets

Rabbit Awareness Week
Rabbit Awareness Week

Ark House Vets, Leighton Buzzard is holding Free Heath Checks to support Rabbit Awareness Week, June 17-25.

This year’s RAW campaign, organised by Burgess Pet Care, is focused on raising the importance of feeding hay in rabbit diets, after findings in the PDSA Animal Wellbeing 2016 report showed that 30% of rabbit owners report their rabbits don’t have constant access to fresh water and hay.

By taking part in this year’s RAW and raising awareness on rabbit welfare needs, Ark House hopes to reach out to more rabbit owners and ensure the needs of their pets are being met.

The practice is also offering reduced price rabbit vaccinations this week.

Kate Semple, Vet at Ark House said: “We’re delighted to take part in RAW 2017, which this year focuses on raising the awareness of the dietary needs of rabbits. To encourage rabbit owners to learn more about their pets, we’ll be holding free rabbit MoTs from June 17-25.

“A rabbit’s diet should consist of up to 85 - 90% feeding hay. Many owners don’t know the difference between feeding hay and bedding hay. By encouraging more rabbit owners to come into the practice during RAW 2017, we hope we’ll be able to address more of these needs and encourage more responsible ownership when it comes to looking after rabbits.”

Dr Suzanne Moyes MVB MRCVS, Technical Director at Burgess Pet Care, one of the UK’s leading pet food manufacturers, is optimistic that the involvement of so many veterinary practices will lead to rabbit owners taking more responsibility when it comes to ensuring the correct nutritional needs of their rabbits are being met.

“It’s fantastic to see so many veterinary practices throughout the UK getting involved with this year’s RAW campaign.

“This year’s PDSA report highlighted 30% of rabbit owners don’t provide constant access to fresh feeding hay and water for their pets. The PAW report also identified inappropriate diet as the number one issue that needs to be addressed in rabbit ownership.”

“85 - 90% of a rabbit’s diet should consist of feeding hay, with the rest being made up of nuggets and fresh vegetables. It’s important that rabbit owners are aware of the dietary needs of their pets, and thanks to the involvement of so many veterinary practices throughout the UK, we hope to increase awareness as part of this year’s campaign.”

RAW is an annual event that brings together vets, pet retailers, welfare charities, manufacturers and consumers to raise awareness about rabbit welfare issues and to encourage responsible pet ownership. Official RAW partners include: Agria Pet Insurance, RSPCA, RWAF, Wood Green The Animals Charity, PDSA and Blue Cross.

For the latest news and information on this year’s RAW, visit http://www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk

Meanwhile the vets in Hockliffe Street has also been warning about the risks to animals in the hot weather.

On Tuesday they posted a photo online of a thermometer taking a pavement reading of 51C, stating “Tarmac 3pm today outside. Pavements are too hot to walk dogs today. Please be aware!

The following day the team at Ark House held a Big Barking Bake Sale to raise finds for the charity World Animal Protection.

The charity works across the world to change attitudes towards caged animals, tackle animal cruelty and rescue and rehome neglected animals.