Hundreds raised to help repair damage at Leighton Buzzard church after break-in

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to raise money for All Saints Church in Leighton Buzzard after the windows were damaged during a break in.

Resident Tamsyn Reilly, who benefited from community fundraising after her home was ravaged by fire last year, wanted to do something to help the church recover from the vandalism.

Damage to the church windows during break in

Damage to the church windows during break in

In the incident overnight on Friday, November 1, two British Legion Poppy Appeal collection boxes were stolen, poppies and hand knitted poppies were thrown on the floor and paint was poured through the windows. Bedfordshire Police are investigating the incident.

Tamsyn said: "I wanted to do something nice for the church, my friend shared the story and there has been an increase in the types of crimes in the town and I wanted to do something to show that the town can do something good, it is not all doom and gloom.

"Anything we can do will help will be great for the church, I have set the target to £1,000 which is a lot but we have already reached just over £400.

"I have spoken to the church and it could cost thousands to repair the damage, they do have insurance but there will be excess costs.

"We were the victims of a terrible fire and the community set up a go fund me page and that really helped us and we were so grateful for the help in such a difficult time and we wanted to give some thing back, this is our chance to help others and the church is a big part of the town.

"Let's show the minority of awful people who would do something like this that they will not win and we stand strong as a community. Anything that you can spare will go a really long way to help, thank you."

Jo Waller, Office Manager at All Saints Church, said: "It is a lovely gesture, after something so horrible happening it is great that something positive can come from it.

"The town has really rallied round together and we have had so many lovely comments and donations, which is amazing, we are so grateful to everyone, especially Tamsyn who set up the page.

"It restores faith in the community and shows that the church is still an important part of the town and people really want to help, we do have insurance but we have quite high excess, the money raised will go to pay that and anything extra will go to charity."

Anyone with any information can call police on 101 or via, quoting reference number 40/63392/19.

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