‘I have proved life after death’

Wendy Marston
Wendy Marston

A first-time author has claimed that she has ‘proved’ the existence of an afterlife after being contacted by her mother from beyond the grave.

Wendy Marston, 70, of Greenhill, Leighton, is set to see her first title – How I Proved Life After Death – launched on Saturday, two years after she first put pen to paper.

The retired legal secretary has told the LBO that even though she never had designs on becoming an author she took it up after attending a spiritualist meeting in 2013 – during which an old friend was said to have made contact through a medium.

After later pondering what she should write about Ms Marston was “told by the spirit world” she should draw on her life experiences of coping with ME, caring for a son with Asperger’s , watching her father develop Alzheimer’s and her mother suffer from cancer.

Ms Marston claims that during her mother’s last days in 1997 the pair “worked out a code”, which she heard again during a visit to a medium a year later.

She told the LBO: “By doing that the medium proved life after death to me.

“I’d had the proof and it made a terrific difference to my life, I no longer fear death.”

It was more than a decade after her mother’s death that Ms Marston was moved to start work on the autobiographical book, which covers five decades of her life.

She said: “I was sat at a spiritualist meeting when the medium said ‘I have a friend of yours here’

“I knew instantly it was Janice, she said I should write a book as I could help people.

“The content sounds quite heavy but it is about how my sense of humour and spiritual beliefs have helped me through all of it.”