Latest on when water main repairs will be completed, as Leighton Buzzard grinds to a halt due to roadworks

Roadworks in Leighton Buzzard on Monday, January 29. Photo from
Roadworks in Leighton Buzzard on Monday, January 29. Photo from

Anglian Water has today given an update on the likely completion date to major repairs to a water main which has added to Leighton Buzzard’s traffic woes in recent days.

With multiple roadworks across the town at the moment, the water main that burst in Lake Street on Friday evening has added to drivers’ frustrations.

The emergency lane closure led to the installation of four-way lights making the area grind to a halt.

Central Beds Council initially said the works would hopefully be finished on Monday (January 29), although a date of February 5 has been quoted on

However an Anglian Water spokesman has now told the LBO that the progress on the repairs pointed to a Friday (February 2) completion.

She said: “This was a significant repair job on a damaged sewer pipe, and consequently some repair work on the pavements and road surface. Traffic lights were set up to allow our team to complete the work safely. We anticipate this work will be complete on Friday, at which point the traffic lights will be removed.

“Apparently there are another five sets of temporary traffic lights in the area from other road works hence the traffic being so disrupted.”

Although accepting the Lake Street repairs were necessary to deal with an unexpected problem, drivers have been criticising Central Bedfordshire Council on the LBO’s Facebook page over the lack of planning and organisation with the contractors carrying out all the other roadworks.

They have also questioned why Anglian Water hasn’t been working on the repair 24/7 to finished the job as soon as possible, although the company has stated that out-of-hours work stopped after complaints from residents about disturbance.

On Monday, Gennaro Borrelli, owner of A Touch Of Class in Bridge Street, described the traffic at the weekend as “ridiculous” after the burst water mains added to ongoing BT and UK Power Networks roadworks and also multiple roadworks by Central Beds Council.

He said: “The burst water mains in Lake Street on Friday did make an already bad situation much worse in the town centre, it has been quite bad since the beginning of last week with the roadworks in South Street and Vandyke Road for the new development, and now the burst water main means more traffic and roadworks.

“There are lots of sets of temporary traffic lights throughout the town and it is causing a backlog of traffic, all the sets affect each other and there is so much traffic in the town, it is ridiculous.”

Central Bedfordshire Council said the all the roadworks were necessary, a spokesman said: “There are some other minor utility works in the area with BT and UKPN working in and around the Leighton Buzzard area.

“All the works taking place are utility works which need to happen to help with the developments in the area.”