Leighton Buzzard author kicks off with book about FA Cup glory

Mark has published his first novel
Mark has published his first novel

A father-of-four from Leighton Buzzard has kicked off his writing career by self publishing a debut book about football.

Mark Crabtree, 49, spent two years writing the book, Shine Through The Gloom, and describes a sense of ‘euphoria’ once he had finished.

Charcoal drawing for front page of book

Charcoal drawing for front page of book

He says the book is about a non league football club that goes on a giant killing FA Cup run.

He said: “The book is about guys and the problems they go through, it is about pulling together and how working together helps them overcome the problems.

“I’m hoping the book will be used as a vessel to get men talking and open up and realise that they don’t have to do life on their own.

“Throughout the book there are lots of stories designed to challenge and hopefully inspire the reader.

“This is my first book and I have never done anything like this before.

“I would spend a couple of hours on a Sunday writing, once I had finished writing it I felt a sense of euphoria, it was a great achievement for me.”

Mark worked with an artist from Leighton Buzzard, Steve Smith, for the front cover.

He created a charcoal drawing using a picture of Mark’s dad in goal in 1967.

Mark added: “Steve focused his drawing more on creating a vibrant as a backdrop, I then used The Outstanding Web Co, a Leighton Buzzard company, to create the book cover.

“I sent the book to a few people and received some really good feedback, it has all been really positive.”

The book is available to buy as an e-book and paperback and is available on Amazon,