Leighton Buzzard couple lose 150lbs after Disneyland disappointment

A couple from Leighton Buzzard have shed the weight after an unpleasant holiday experience in Disneyland two years ago.

When Chris Cowan and his partner Lewis went to Disneyland in the Summer of 2018 they missed out on most of the rides because they were either over the weight limit or they were afraid of getting stuck in the seats.

Chris and Lewis

Chris and Lewis

Insurance broker Chris, 34 was very aware of his sedentary lifestyle sitting behind a desk and after a stressful day at work he and Lewis, 31 who is a driving instructor, would just collapse at night and pick up the phone and get a takeaway, the pair would also eat out frequently.

The pair vowed to take action and do something positive, they joined WW (WeightWatchers reimagined) on a Saturday in Leighton Buzzard with Laura Williams, and now, between them they have lost 150lbs.

Chris said: "She made us feel so at home and her enthusiasm and smiley face kept us going throughout.

"She is a real ambassador for WW and has helped us change our lives for good. Gone are the old us - we intend to live the healthiest lives we now can."

Chris and Lewis have lost 150lbs

Chris and Lewis have lost 150lbs

Chris who is the cook of the duo now meal preps on a Sunday after getting their weekly shop delivered, their favourite meal is a roast dinner and their treat of the week is a cooked breakfast after their WW weigh in on a Saturday with Laura.

Lewis has lost 3st and Chris has gone from weighing 20st 9.5lbs at the beginning to weighing just over 13st now, he added: "Not only have we changed our eating habits but my waist has shrunk from 46ins to 32ins.

"I can now bend down and tie my shoe laces without any effort which is a big thing for me.

"My health has also benefited with my asthma under control and I no longer suffer from acid reflux.

"This year we are planning a beach holiday in Gran Canaria and I will no longer be body conscious and I look forward to the holiday without having to worry. WW has changed our lives forever for certain."

Chris and Lewis attend the WW workshop on Saturday morning at 9.30am at Mentmore Pavilion, Linslade.