Leighton Buzzard mum left with no heating for 12 days

A Leighton Buzzard mum has criticised a housing association after she was left with no heating for nearly two weeks –  forcing her to send her young daughter to stay with relatives in Northampton.

Nicola Hedges, of Vimy Road, is unhappy with the length of time it took Stonewater to address the issue after her boiler broke on Wednesday, January 15.

Nicola has been left with heating for 12 days

Nicola has been left with heating for 12 days

She claims she had no choice but to send her one-year-old daughter to stay with family in Northampton on Friday, January 17, because the youngster was getting ill.

Nicola, who lives in a house provided by Stonewater, told the LBO last Wednesday (January 22): “I have been left with no heating or hot water.

“The boiler broke last week and they have only just sorted us with hot water today, we still have no heating and we have been told it won’t be fixed till Monday.

"I think it is ridiculous, we were told Friday and then Monday, it will have been nearly two weeks when they finally fix it.

“I had to send my daughter to stay with family because she was getting ill from the cold, I’m not well and I have arthritis, which gets worse in the cold weather, it is really affecting my health.

“I can’t stay with family because my partner has to go to work here, I’m going to stay in a hotel tomorrow (Thursday), I have had to sort that and pay for that.

“I think it is ridiculous to go this long in this weather. They have given us these little mini heaters that don’t really heat up the house.

“They said they will compensate what we use for the mini heaters.”

Paul Crow, assistant director of assets (North and East) at Stonewater, said: “We are sorry that our customer has been inconvenienced by the breakdown of their heating and hot water.

“Our contractor visited the property 16 January and found that a new boiler was required, which is being fitted today (Monday, January 27).

“In the meantime, a temporary repair has been made to provide hot water and temporary heaters given to our customer, along with a payment of £5 per day to cover any additional cost of electricity for using the temporary heaters.”