Leighton Buzzard school to be alternative waste site while Tidy Tip is closed

Vandyke Upper School
Vandyke Upper School

A Leighton Buzzard school is to double up as an alternative waste site following the temporary closure of the town’s Tidy Tip.

The Shenley Hill Road dump, a former landfill site, shut on July 17 for around six months to allow modernisation work to begin, with the refurbishment likely to take around six months.

Flytipping near Leighton's temporarily closed Tidy Tip

Flytipping near Leighton's temporarily closed Tidy Tip

Today it has been revealed that nearby Vandyke Upper School will act as an an alternative facility for residents to take their excess garden waste.

This school gates will open on Sunday, 7 August from 9am to 5pm and will then operate at the same time every Sunday until further notice.

Garden waste will continue to be collected via the fortnightly kerbside garden waste collection scheme or it can be taken to another recycling centre, the closest being French’s Avenue, Dunstable.

Central Beds Council says it wishes to remind residents that the Vandyke temporary site is for garden waste only and no other waste will be accepted.

The site will be in place until the end of the growing season, likely to be sometime in October, but the last date will be widely publicised nearer the time. Permits relating to vehicles and trailers will still be in operation.

Since the Tip closure residents have contacted the LBO about flytipping problems.

One said: “It looks like the closure of the tidy tip is already showing signs of what’s to come.

Since Friday my walk to work has now been ruined by no less than four dumped mattresses. 3 of which are in a bush in Danes Way park and the other at the back of Meadow Way.

I dread to think of the state of Leighton Buzzard by the time it re-opens...”

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For more information about the closure and the subsidence problems at the Tidy Tip see http://www.leightonbuzzardonline.co.uk/news/local-news/subsidence-problems-at-leighton-s-closed-tidy-tip-need-significant-work-1-7479211