Lines drawn over parking battle

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Double yellow lines painted on streets near the Leighton Buzzard railway station – designed to deter commuter parking – may have backfired, as residents are reporting cars parked even further into the town.

Lines were painted by Central Bedfordshire Council on Grasmere Way on February 17, but resident Mark Kelly told the LBO that it has resulted in cars being parked on Himley Green (pictured) – creating extra congestion for residents.

He stated: “Did anyone involved in the decision to yellow line Grasmere Way think ‘where might they go?

“The new yellow lines push commuters from Grasmere Way on to Himley Green!

It is understood the issue has now been reported to CB Highways.

CBC responded on social media to Mr Kelly’s claims, and stated: “The restrictions have been implemented in the last few weeks, we will monitor their impact on other roads over coming months.”

Elsewhere, Neil Cairns reported to the LBO that cars were still being parked over single and double yellow lines painted at Highfield Road and Brooklands Drive, with “no notice” paid to them.