Linslade mum who has ME/CFS is running the London Marathon to raise hundreds for Down’s Heart Charity

Sara met Dame Kelly Holmes
Sara met Dame Kelly Holmes

A woman from Linslade is hoping to raise hundreds of pounds for a local charity when she takes part in this year’s London Marathon.

Sara Lowe, 42, who suffers with ME/CFS, is looking forward to being able to take part in the London Marathon on April 28 - a challenge she once thought she would never be able to do.

Sara with her medals from recent races

Sara with her medals from recent races

She was diagnosed with Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) 12 years ago, and suffers with a dysfunction of the muscles.

She said: “I just felt a numbness in the leg and my world collapsed around me, one minute I was travelling, working, studying. The next I’m bedridden unable to move. I was diagnosed with ME/CFS.

“Over time my condition has improved and took a turn for the better, but now it’s a case of managing it, I am in remission now.

“I am grateful for all the support I have received over the years and I want to mention my two-year-old daughter, Caterina, who has been a catalyst to my recovery, she has been a huge part of my journey.”

Sara's daughter, Caterina, at Amy's Dance Academy

Sara's daughter, Caterina, at Amy's Dance Academy

The mum-of-one is hoping to raise £1500 for Down’s Heart Charity in Dunstable.

She said: “I chose the charity because it is a great cause and it is a small, local charity, that many people may not know much about.

“I want to be able to support it and also raise awareness of the work they are doing.

“The charity was set up in loving memory of a baby called Daniel, a baby boy who only lived for 100 days with a heart condition and Downs.

“This charity work relentlessly to help and support families that have no where to turn for advice. As it’s a small and local charity you often find they become overlooked.”

As well as raising money, Sara is hoping to raise awareness of ME.

Sara is part of Leighton Buzzard Athletics Club and has been training every Tuesday and has already taken part in various races.

She added: “Everyone at the Athletics Club has been really supportive, offering me tips but I will be running on my own and it will be difficult, it will definitely be a challenge for me.

“It has been a struggle but the running has helped me work towards something, running brings back the memories and shows me what I have achieved and how far I’ve come.

“I am doing this to raise awareness about my condition and for everyone who can’t walk like I once couldn’t. The journey is a difficult one but I want to make it a positive one.”

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