‘Living in hell in Leighton Buzzard due to drugs smell’

Leighton Buzzard news
Leighton Buzzard news

A woman is demanding action from the police and council after alleging that the stench of cannabis coming from a nearby property caused her five-year-old granddaughter to collapse last week.

The resident says she has been ‘living in hell’ at the third floor of a block of council flats in Leighton Buzzard, due to the fumes from the illegal Class B drug being smoked in the vicinity.

Masking tape around the door seal to try to keep out the fumes

Masking tape around the door seal to try to keep out the fumes

She says she has been forced into taking extreme measures to keep the fumes at bay, including putting masking tape around door seals.

But after complaining to Central Beds Council and Bedfordshire Police, her granddaughter’s incident prompted her to contact the LBO and demand more is done by the authorities to stop the anti-social behaviour she says she is living with on a daily basis.

She said: “We have complained continuously and nothing has been done.

“We have logged it with the Bedfordshire Police and Central Bedfordshire Council and they told us to make a log of all the times and I have given them all of that and nothing has been done.

“We can’t use our bathroom after 8pm because the smell is so bad. We have to use masking tape to cover the door seals so the smell doesn’t come through.

“We are complaining again now because on Tuesday, my five-year-old granddaughter came here after school and she passed out from the smell and she had to go to A&E after we rang 111.”

She said the hospital had not been able to confirm if the cannabis smell was the cause of her granddaughter being unwell.

She said: “She is too young to be tested, they just said if it happens again to take her out into the fresh air – which is impossible as it smells all around the flats – or take her to someone else’s home.

“It is disgusting that we have to live like this and no-one seems to care at all.

“I know another resident has complained but still nothing is being done. It is ridiculous, we have had enough.

“We are sick of this continuous problem and we should not have to live like this.”

“It’s like living in hell. During the hot weather we have had to keep the doors closed! It’s been horrible!”

A Beds Police spokesman said they were liaising with the council over the matter.

He said: “We were contacted at around 10pm on Tuesday (16 July) to reports of drug offences which had taken place earlier in the day in Leighton Buzzard.

“Each call we receive is assessed on the THRIVE model, assessing the Threat, Harm, Risk, Investigative opportunity, Vulnerability and Engagement opportunities presented by each incident, and our limited resources are allocated accordingly.

“Where crimes are no longer in progress or if there is no immediate risk to the victim or those associated to them, response officers will not be immediately deployed and an appointment will instead be made with the victim at a time and date to suit them.

“We are now working with Central Bedfordshire Council to arrange a joint visit to the address.

“Our Leighton Buzzard Community Team also has a specific project to manage reports of anti-social behaviour in this area. Anyone can report criminality or concerns to the community team on 101 or via the online reporting centre on our website.”

Cllr Carole Hegley, Executive Member for Adults, Social Care, Housing Operations and Customer Services at Central Beds Council, said: “We are aware of reports about bad odours and have actively worked with the tenant to address this over the last few weeks.

“More recently, we’ve had reports of smells of cannabis and we are organising a visit with the police to jointly address this.”