Making more Headway in Leighton Buzzard for people with brain injuries


Headway Luton is looking to increase the charity’s presence in Leighton Buzzard to reach more people with brain injuries.

The charity helps around 250 people with a brain injury in Luton, Leighton Buzzard and the surrounding areas.

A brain injury can happen to anyone at anytime.

The charity runs a day centre on Wednesdays at Astral Park community centre, Leighton Buzzard, with plans to increase essions by an extra day later this year.

Ron, 57, from Tebworth, has been a client for over 12 years and uses the day centre at Astral Park.

He said: “Having a brain injury completely changed my life. I can no longer work as a kitchen fitter, I am now a wheelchair user and I am not able to be as active as I once was. Financially it has had a large impact on my life.

“I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Brain injury affects the whole family. My daughters were living at home at the time of my first stroke. It was very traumatic for them, but you all adapt. Over time I have improved in terms of my acceptance of my condition as well as my mobility, speech and memory. Things can improve if you want to, but you have to work at it.

“The social benefit of attending Headway in Leighton Buzzard is the most important thing for me. At Headway, I am not the odd one out. I have made a lot of friends there. They have become my family.

“I have short-term memory loss and meeting others helps me remember names. The staff are great and through the physical, cognitive and creative activities you get to see yourself and others improve. The Astral Park venue is very good but we do not meet outside of the day centre hours because everyone is reliant on the community transport such as The Buzzer Bus and Dial-a-Ride, so we can’t just pop round each other’s houses or arrange an evening at the pub. I would love there to be an extra day that we could attend.”