Monday morning surprise for Little Billington resident

Nine sheep were grazing in Lorriane's garden
Nine sheep were grazing in Lorriane's garden

The former chair of Billington Parish Council woke up on Monday morning to find nine sheep grazing on the grass in her front garden.

Lorraine Mawer, of Little Billington, was cooking her breakfast when she noticed the sheep with brown fur and black faces looking at her.

She said: “It was quite a shock to see that in my garden.

“I have no idea how they got in, they are not the usual sheep you see round here.

“We shut our gate because we did not want them wandering out on to the road.

“When I looked again about an hour later, four had escaped and there were only five left.

“I have no idea how they escaped because we locked the gate.”

She opened the gate, to let the sheep wander back to their home, and went to the May Fayre and when she returned all the sheep had gone.

Lorraine added: “They left behind such a mess, I have never seen so much poo and mess in my life and the smell was horrendous.

“We spent over an hour cleaning it all up.

“I still have no idea how they got in the garden or where they came from.”