Motorist’s ‘bewildering’ parking ticket battle ends in victory

Julian with the parking ticket he purchased and the parking charge notice from Indigo
Julian with the parking ticket he purchased and the parking charge notice from Indigo

‘Don’t be frightened by bully boy tactics’ is the message from a jubilant Leighton motorist who has finally won his battle to have a parking fine overturned.

Julian Nutley was bewildered when he was issued with a penalty charge notice despite having a valid parking ticket displayed on the dashboard after he parked his car at Leighton Buzzard train station on Tuesday, May 24.

He appealed to Indigo Park Solutions who had issued the ticket, sending them photographic evidence of the ticket and it sitting on the dashboard at the station.

But as reported previously, the appeal was rejected by the company and he had to take his fight to the independent Parking on Private Land Appeal service (POPLA).

Last week he told us: “I think it is bewildering how they can reject my appeal after I have shown them the evidence of the valid ticket on the windscreen.”

However, this week Mr Nutley was far happier after receiving an email from POPLA stating that the appeal to them had been successful.

The email stated: “Thank you for submitting your parking charge appeal to POPLA. .

“Indigo Solutions have told us they do not wish to contest the appeal.

“This means that your appeal is successful and you do not need to pay the parking charge.”

Mr Nutley told the LBO: “It’s great news that my appeal with POPLA has been successful.

“I think it is very suspicious that Indigo would let the appeal go to the deadline and then not even contest it.

“It appears they knew they would lose all along, my concern is for people who may be frightened into paying by their bully boy tactics, which is why I made the stand.”

Indigo has previously told the LBO: “Customers must display a valid parking ticket.

“If they don’t, they may be issued with a parking charge notice.”