Mystery surrounds loud bangs heard in the night in Leighton Buzzard

Leighton Buzzard
Leighton Buzzard

Curious residents are wondering what the source of loud bangs could be after being disturbed in the middle of the night in Leighton Buzzard.

The Leighton Buzzard Observer has been contacted by several readers who heard the noises in the early hours of today (Tuesday, September 17).

One reader said: "Did something blow up last night?

"I woke in the night hearing a large bang, my friend was also woken up and saw bright lights - we live a couple of miles apart in LB [Leighton Buzzard]."

Another reader said: "It sounded like gunshots, it echoed around incredibly. The first one was 1.14am the other two were around 15 minutes later...they were one after another with about 1 second in between (like gunshots). I was fishing over near grundfos pumps/buttles on Grovebury Road."

More as we get it.

> Did you hear loud bangs in the early hours of this morning? What do you think it was?