Neighbour from hell convicted for making pig noises

Stephen Aylott
Stephen Aylott

A man has been convicted for a campaign of harassment in which he taunted neighbours by slamming doors, making pig noises and throwing weight loss articles over their garden fence.

Stephen Aylott, 53, was sentenced at Luton Magistrates’ Court on Thursday after spending more than four years harassing neighbours from his housing association bungalow in Eleanor Close, Woburn.

The court heard that the 53-year-old continually slammed doors and windows to unsettle his neighbours, attempted to drive into their vehicle and would run his lawnmower every time they went into their garden.

He would also taunt them over their weight by making oinking noises, referring to them as ‘pigs’ and by ripping out weight loss articles from magazines to throw over their fence.

In a victim statement read out in court, an Eleanor Close resident said that Aylott’s erratic behaviour left him “on edge at all times”.

The statement read: “This has caused stress to the point where my wife’s hair has fallen out. I felt vulnerable and intimidated as we do not know what will happen next.

“Aylott’s antics have caused us alot of alarm, distress and irreversible damage.”

A probation officer assigned to Aylott said she could not recommend an order for community service, adding that the 53-year-old claimed the allegations against him were “a pack of lies”.

The court heard that Aylott had suffered a serious brain injury after an motorcycle accident in 1984.

However Imran Khan, defending, told magistrates that the 53-year-old understood the gravity of his actions.

Mr Khan said: “He knows the difference between right and wrong but he has a problem with his memory.

“I have spoken with him and showed him the victim statement.

“He knows he cannot do this any more, he accepts that he has caused harassment.”

Aylott was given an indefinite restraining order and was warned by magistrates that he faces imprisonment if he breaks its conditions.

He was also ordered to pay £750 compensation.

Following the case, an Eleanor Close resident spoke to the LBO about Aylott’s +victimisation of his neighbours.

He said: “This has been going on for seven years– since he moved into that house.

“Everybody has something to say about him, he has done all kinds of things.

“Most of the people here are retired, he is responsible for his own actions and should not be living here.”

Aragon Housing Association’s head of housing management Gill Higginson told the LBO: “Grand Union Housing Group and its subsidiaries take cases such as this very seriously.

“We are working closely with other agencies involved in the case in order that actions are taken as appropriate and we hope the required outcomes are achieved.”