Protest pressure means parking hell may soon end


Years of parking woes for a set of Linslade residents may finally be coming to an end – as Central Beds Council has signalled that it may be prepared to U-turn on a previous decision.

Homeowners living in numbers 16-90 Old Road have waged a hard fought battle with the council to get resident parking permits, as at present they have to park in unrestricted bays a long distance from their homes.

CBC has said that the residents are not eligible for permits to park in nearby spaces across the street and on Stoke Road as the town centre zone is “already heavily parked up”.

However after staging a protest and campaigning harder than ever, residents may soon get their way as the council has relented and agreed to propose changes to parking restrictions.

Old Road resident Ian Bond told the LBO: “Something has finally sparked Central Beds Council to take pity on our parking crisis, hopefully this should come to a good conclusion.

“We have been battling for the last four or five years and finally we could be getting somewhere now.

“At the moment we have to park miles away from our homes and often come back to vandalised cars.

“If it comes off this would be a substantial conclusion.

On the proposed changes, a Central Bedfordshire Council spokesperson told the LBO: “A member from our highways team met with resident on Old Road to discuss how we could help them and this situation.

“The result from this meeting was that we’ve published a proposal to make some modifications to the parking restrictions.

“The notices have been published and local residents consulted.”

The spokesperson added: “At the end of the public notice period, which is the 15 July 2016, we will report any objections to the next available delegated decisions meeting.”