Rob bears down on more success with Paddington


A former Linslade man has taken another step in his movie-making career by bringing the childhood TV favourite Paddington to the big screen.

Former Cedars, Brooklands and Beaudesert student Rob Garner now works as a compositor for visual effects company Framestore, where he helped to make Paddington Bear a reality.

Rob Garner, of Framestore

Rob Garner, of Framestore

Rob, 30, a University of Derby graduate, moved out of the family home in Sandy Lane in July 2013, to live in Canada and is based at Framestore’s Montreal office.

He said: “It’s been great being involved in such an amazing project like Paddington. His story is one I hold close to my heart as it’s one I grew up with as a child, so for many of us working on the film it was like a dream come true.

“As a compositor, I am generally at the very end of the post-production process, regarding making visual effects. It is my job to combine all the work generated from the other departments and make them look as photo-realistic as possible.”

Rob, who also played football for Leighton Corinthians for 10 years, added: “My role was to essentially composite Paddington into the image and bring him to life in my shots, putting him in the real life environment and to help integrate him with everything he’s surrounded by and interacts with.”

It isn’t the first major film title Rob has been involved in. Earlier this year the visual effects team he worked with on blockbuster Gravity, won the Oscar for ‘Best Visual Effects’ at the 86th Academy Awards. He also counts War Horse, Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows and 47 Ronin as some of his most accomplished while at Framestore.

When he left Derby in 2005, Rob found work as a ‘runner’ at a post-production facility in London before moving on to the BBC.

He explained: “This was a valuable experience for me as it gave me a real insight into how television programmes and films are made behind the scenes. It also gave me my first insight into the world of visual effects.

“I worked at the BBC for a short while in production but it didn’t take me long to realise where my heart really lies. After further training, I sent out my show-reel to potential employers in the hope that someone would give me my big break and offer me a job, which came when I got my current position with Framestore.”