Shoplifters ‘thought they were going to die’ after being rammed by pursuing car in Leighton Buzzard

Gerard and John show the LBO their injuries.
Gerard and John show the LBO their injuries.

Two self-confessed shoplifters who stole from a Leighton Buzzard shop are appealing for witnesses after claiming they were pursued by a car which crashed into them and “put their lives at risk”.

Gerard Mongan, 27, and John McDonagh, 20, of the Billington/Slapton area, admitted to the LBO, that along with a teenager, they stole four cordless power drills from Aldi, Vimy Road, on November 25 at around 1pm.

Gerard, John, and the teenager were then followed by two males who gave chase in a car, which crashed into Gerard and John as they ran up Old Road.

“Shocked” by what happened and suffering from injuries and flashbacks, Gerard and John are now appealing to LBO readers for witnesses, as they argue that the driver of the car could have killed somebody.

Gerard claimed: “We shouldn’t have taken the stuff, we admit that, but no-one deserves to die and no-one has the right to take the law into their own hands.

“We headed across the car park and on Vimy Road we were walking when we heard someone say ‘hey!’

“A man was chasing us. We started going towards Old Road. I looked round and saw a car pulling up the kerb on Old Road and letting the man onto the footpath. We were running up the hill when I looked behind me and saw the car mount the pavement. It hit John and I!

“We fell onto the footpath down on our hands and knees. As we were down we heard the man shout to the driver in the car: ‘hit them again!’

“I don’t know what it was - shock - adrenaline - but we got up and ran. We didn’t know if we were going to make it!

“The car reversed again and then we ran and never looked back!”

Gerard claims that he, John and the boy ran left onto Old Road (opposite Rosebery Avenue) where they met a passer by who saw they were limping, and took them to Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, to ensure they were in a location far away from the driver of the vehicle.

Gerard told the LBO he has a broken knee, tissue damage down his hips, thigh and legs, a swollen ankle, and lower back pain.

Meanwhile, John told the LBO he had tissue damage and a painful head.

The teenager is said to have witnessed the car crash from less than 50 yards away, while Gerard and John claimed that all four cordless power drills had been dropped while they were running, and that no-one was carrying one when the car hit them.

After telephoning the police from the hospital on Saturday, Gerard and John said they visited Luton Police Station on Sunday to “hand themselves in” and appeal for witnesses who may have seen the crash.

Gerard claimed: “We’re looking for witnesses, somebody who saw something.

“We’re traumatised; I physically see the car hitting me. It was complete, agonising pain. I am appealing for anybody who thinks they can come forward. I think this was attempted murder. There could have been kids on the path or innocent bystanders who were hit!”

The duo described the car as being blue/purple but didn’t get a clear look at the driver’s face.

A Beds Police spokesman, said: “Officers are investigating after two men are believed to have been hit by a car on Old Road, Linslade at around 1pm on November 25. The incident is thought to have happened after a short pursuit occurred after three men are thought to have stolen power tools from Aldi on Vimy Road.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting crime reference JD/51865/2017.

Aldi were contacted but did not provide a response before the LBO went to press.