Stewkley woman joins army regiment dedicated to protecting the Queen

Trooper Lois-Ann
Trooper Lois-Ann

A woman from Stewkley has joined the army regiment dedicated to protecting the Queen.

Lois-Ann O’Hara, 30, passed out as a Household Cavalry trooper in February and is one of three women in the historic regiment.

They will be at the heart of any celebrations involving the Queen, including Her Majesty’s birthday parade, royal weddings and state occasions.

The celebration season has just started and Lois has described her new role as an honour.

Lois said:”I am now part of the fully fledged ceremonies staff, it feels really good and it is exciting, it has been a lot of hard work and a lot of effort has been put in.

“I am now doing this full time, and I was the second woman to pass out, there are now three of us.

“When you are in the parade you do feel a huge sense of pride.

“The first parade was in front of the Major General at Hyde Park in London, he inspects us to check we are ready for the celebration season, which has now started.”