Suitcase recovered!

Lost suitcase was returned to its owner
Lost suitcase was returned to its owner

A grateful couple have thanked the LBO readers after their lost suitcase was returned to them.

Scott Cooper, of Derby, made an appeal after he lost his suitcase when he was staying at The Curry Garden and Horse Shoes in Eggington in October.

Scott and his wife offered a reward for the return of the suitcase which had an iPad and Sony laptop inside, both were sentimental to them, as they had family photos from the last seven years.

Three weeks after they made the appeal in the LBO Mr Cooper was reunited with the suitcase, Zaneta, his wife, said: “We are very grateful, it is like our Christmas has come early. A man called my husband last week when he was staying at the hotel in Eggington and asked about the reward, they met and he got the suitcase back.

“Thank you to the LBO and everyone that shared our appeal. We are so happy to have it back, all the photos are still there, they were irreplaceable. I have now learnt to back everything up as well, I have learnt my lesson.”