Teacher sees double and it’s a one-in-120-million chance!

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Heath and Reach found itself the scene of a bizarre mutation as five double yolks were found in a pack of six eggs.

The one-in-120-million chance find was made by teacher Stephanie Ellaway while she was baking a cake with her son Henry, four.

Husband Scott said: “We opened the first one and it was a complete surprise and then opened two more eggs for the cake with also had double yolks .

“We then wondered just how many there were so we cracked open all the eggs in the pack.”

Just one egg was found to have a regular single yolk, while the rest all had two.

The multiple finds delighted little Henry and the family was quick to find the odds online.

But it turns out their egg yolk miracle has previously been beaten in Leighton Buzzard.

In 2014, Mark Richardson and partner Kelly Rogers found six eggs in a packet all with double egg yolks, a likelihood estimated at one in a trillion.

It is supposedly even less common than winning the lottery – estimated at a one in 14 million chance.

According to superstition, finding a double-yolked egg can mean that someone in the immediate family is pregnant with twins.

Other folklore tales also indicate that life will soon turn ‘sunny side up’, with predictions of good luck and marriage. The c-lucky double yolks usually occur in young hens about 20-28 weeks old when they form a shell around more than one egg yolk.