The Retro Centre celebrates its first anniversary

Storm Trooper outside the Retro Centre
Storm Trooper outside the Retro Centre

The Retro Centre celebrated its first anniversary this month with the return of a stormtrooper.

Shan Bryans and her son Ricky run the business, which was born out of an interest in retro toys and gaming and evolved into the shop on Leighton Buzzard’s High Street.

The shops stocks a variety of retro toys, games, gaming, books, vinyls and pictures.

Shan said: “It was an extremely busy day celebrating our first anniversary, with lots of people visiting the shop, many for the first time.

“Lots of children and adults had their picture taken with the Storm Trooper.

“The Retro Centre has a large number of regular customers and is becoming a place where people spend long amounts of time browsing and chatting.

“We are excited to be entering our second year and hope to keep meeting new people who share out interests in this area.”

The Retro Centre is organising RetroPlay, a gaming and comic festival, in September to raise money for Autism Bedfordshire.

Shan added: “We are really looking forward to September when we are co-organisers of the Retroplay Festival. This is a charity event to raise money for Autism Bedfordshire.

“There will be a wide variety of things going on including many iconic characters and vehicles from TV and cinema and the opportunity to play classic games consoles.”

Tickets to the Retroplay Festival are available from the shop and online at