Travellers block safe school path

Travellers who blocked a cyclepath forcing commuters and schoolchildren to divert on to the busy Leighton Buzzard bypass have moved on.

Linslade School and Cedars pupils plus commuters who travel in to Leighton Buzzard from Wing, were most affected by the blockage.

On first spotting the encampment of several caravans and trucks on the path along A418 Wing to Leighton Buzzard (near the bypass roundabout) last week, one furious mum told the LBO: “It is very unpleasant for young teenagers to have their safe bike route blocked by travellers – and now forced to have to cycle to school on the very busy road, instead of being able to use a safe cycle path due to ‘campers’.

“My son bike daily to/from Wing to school in Linslade. It is not a great feeling for a youngster having to pass these camps on bike – and have to feel forced to cycle on the main road instead.

“It can be intimidating having to pass a camp like, that if you are on your own.”

As well as the students, she pointed out that many adults used the route to get to the railway station, and it was also a well used path by walkers and joggers.

Travellers had moved on by Tuesday afternoon, but locals reported that “loads” of rubbish had been left behind.

One cyclist told the LBO: “There was one caravan directly on the path. I did not want to go onto the grass verge for fear of getting too close to another caravan.

“I overhead a conversation in the Wing Post office from a local villager in the post office this morning who said she had to pick up her daughter from school due to not wanting to walk past the three caravans back to Wing.”

A spokesman for Central Beds Council confirmed the council had been informed about a caravan and a van at the location, but when they went to investigate the vehicles had already left.