UPDATED: Drivers caught by camera – for NOT speeding!

Digital speed camera
Digital speed camera

Countless motorists were left bewildered after being flashed by speed cameras on the A505 Leighton Buzzard bypass – while travelling UNDER the speed limit!

A fault in both cameras along the busy stretch of road meant many drivers were snapped, despite keeping to the 50mph restriction.

Central Beds Council has admitted that this was down to a problem with the cameras, which it has now fixed.

One motorist, Tom Clarke, told the LBO he was flashed twice on consecutive evenings on his way home from work.

The 22-year-old Alfa Romeo driver said: “The first night it was about 7.45pm and I had cruise control on at 50mph and I was flashed straight in the eye. I thought ‘I’m sure I’m not speeding’ but it makes you panic.

“The second day I wanted to prove my speedometer wasn’t at fault so I had a speed app on my phone which showed 47mph when I was flashed again.”

Tom, who works for Auto Electrical Services in Leighton, contacted the DVLA who advised him to email Central Beds Council. The council responded on Wednesday by telling him he wouldn’t be fined as the parameter on the camera had been set to the wrong speed.

When contacted by the LBO, the council was unable to estimate how many motorists had been flashed or how long the fault had been present.

A spokesman said: “The council was notified on Friday (November 27) and worked with the police and the camera company to fix it on the same day.

“Of course, anyone who has been flashed under the posted limit of 50mph will not receive a ticket.”

Last year, Central Beds Council invested £350,000 replacing old cameras with digital ones – including the ones on the bypass.

They are designed to be low maintenance and portable, and can be moved between locations.

Asked to confirm how the fault might have occurred the spokesman added: “As it is a digital camera the fault could have been one of many things from a mechanical issue to an issue with the lens.

“It’s also possible that the wind could have knocked it.”