Vandyke sixth form celebrate Prom in style

Vandyke Sixth Form prom
Vandyke Sixth Form prom

Vandyke Sixth Form students enjoyed their prom on Saturday, July 4, despite their original venue being closed without warning.

The Year 13 leavers were among many who had booked events at Mentmore Golf Club.

They were forced to find a new venue when it unexpectedly ceased trading last month.

Sixth form staff were able to book the conservatory at Luton Hoo, due to a cancellation.

Sean Downey, Vandyke’s director of Sixth Form, said: “There was understandably anxiety when we heard about Mentmore closing, and huge relief when we were able to secure a new venue at such short notice.

“However it all turned out for the good, as we ended up having a wonderful evening in a location that would otherwise have been beyond our budget.

“I am proud to say that students were impeccably behaved as ever, earning compliments from Conservatory staff.

“It really was a night to remember.”