VIDEO: Chihuahua chills out in the snow

Snow has fallen in Leighton Buzzard and while it may give headaches to motorists, it’s certainly given others the chance to chill out.

Reader Judy Youssef send us this video of her c hihuahua Ruby loving the snow in her garden in King Street, Leighton.

Meanwhile another reader has sent us the photo of Highfield Road, Leighton, saying: “It is a bus route and has Leedon Lower School on it. In the 33 years I’ve lived there, it has never been salted!

“Brooklands Drive and Brooklands Avenue are regularly salted with Clipstone Lower and Brooklands Middle schools there, but Leedon Lower seems not to exist on the council’s map.”

The market in Leighton Buzzard has beaten the weather and remains open for business.

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