VIDEOS: Met Office describes funnel cloud footage as ‘incredible’

Footage of a funnel cloud in Leighton Buzzard has been described as ‘incredible’ by the Met Office.

Charlie March, of Shenley Hill Road, posted a video of the funnel cloud filmed from below on Twitter, it was described as ‘incredible footage’ by the Met Office Twitter page.

He said: “The funnel cloud was right above my house, my brother and sister saw a dust cloud in the field.

“I went to look and saw dust everywhere and debris flying around, I would not really say it looked like a tornado, more a dust cloud.

“We saw it from the window, it was really quick, we saw the dusty clouds come and go before the funnel cloud was there.

“I grabbed my phone and started to record the funnel cloud as it appeared over our house, it was just after 6pm.”

A still of Charlie March's footage

A still of Charlie March's footage

The above slow motion video footage of a lightning strike (see about nine seconds in) was sent in by Lewis Duncan, of Drakes Avenue, as he witnessed the funnel cloud on Monday over Heath Meadows.

He said: “It was around 5.30pm when the noise started, the wind took our boys basketball stand up off the floor, it is even weighted down with water in the base, it crashed to the floor.

“You could see the wind whipping around the estate and bins fell to the ground. I could see the funnel cloud across the hills near the wind turbines, it was hard to make out what it was.

“Then the thunder came which felt so close, the kids got all excited, the clouds were dark and intense.

Funnel Cloud. Photo by Joanna Brasnell

Funnel Cloud. Photo by Joanna Brasnell

“I managed to capture slow motion video of the lightning strikes in the cloud.

“At about 6.30pm it was all quiet, calm and no rain and then ten minutes later it started to hail, then the violent rain came, it was all really fast, localised flooding occurred on the streets and in the garden, quite phenomenal to be honest!

“I can not believe how quick it all passed and the evening sunset was lovely.”

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