‘Where are we supposed to park now then?’ asks Leighton Buzzard mum

Double yellow lines on Hockliffe Road
Double yellow lines on Hockliffe Road

A mum-of-three has called for Central Bedfordshire Council to introduce residential permits along Leighton Buzzard’s Hockliffe Road - after they introduced parking restrictions to the residential street.

The resident of Hockliffe Road, who does not wish to be named, was unhappy to see the council have already introduced double yellow lines outside her home.

She has no driveway and now has to park down George Street and walk to her house, which she says is a challenge with her three young children.

She said: “I understand the need for yellow lines but they need to think about the residents and where we are supposed to park.

“We have nowhere to park near our home, we have to park up and walk with three young children, on a busy road where vehicles do not stick to the speed limit, that is difficult and dangerous.

“I am hoping this problem can be resolved. Andrew Selous, our MP, has been very helpful but the man from Central Bedfordshire Council has been ignoring us. It seems the council has come up with a quick solution without thinking about the residents.”

A spokesperson for Central Bedfordshire Council said: “Hockliffe Road is one of the main roads serving Leighton Buzzard town centre.

“The double yellow lines are intended to address haphazard parking, prevent cars from parking on the pavements, and allow the traffic to flow better.

“We understand residents’ concerns that there is limited parking in this area, and that demand for parking along this road and nearby roads has steadily increased.

“However we had received several complaints about obstructive parking on this road. On-street parking creates congestion, and this road isn’t wide enough for oncoming vehicles to pass easily.

“As a result, car owners were parking on the pavements so that their vehicles weren’t damaged.

“These then blocked the way of pedestrians, so vulnerable users had to cross and re-cross the carriageway to complete their journey.

“This presented a significant risk to their safety; hence we installed double the yellow lines.

“As with all new schemes, the impact of the new double yellow lines will be monitored and additional measures or adjustments made if required.”