Wing trumpet player releases debut album

A trumpet player and singer from Wing is starting off the new year by raising awareness of her debut album.

Avelia Moisey released her album, 'From the Shadows' in November and wants to kick off 2020 by getting her music out to more people.



All the tracks on the album are written and performed by Avelia, with Bruce Boardman on piano.

She said: "The late “Big George” Webley, radio presenter and musician, was the catalyst who inspired me to write much of the music for the album.

"I wrote a lot of the stuff a long time ago but life kind of got in the way, I was busy doing other things and I had two children and then last year I thought lets just record it and get it out there.

"There is a mixture of songs on the album, most of them do fall under the jazz umbrella but there is a real mixture on there.

From the Shadows album cover

From the Shadows album cover

"One of the songs I wrote was about Luton Airport, it is a song voicing some of the concerns I have about the proposed expansion of the airport, as a resident living in Wing."

Avelia, a professional trumpet player, plays melodic, eclectic music featuring jazz sounds with hints of Latin, soca, South African and classical music, providing a variety of sounds.

At the end of last year, Avelia Moisey's instrumental ‘Contemplating Life’reached the Finals of the UK Songwriting Contest 2019.

She said: "It was brilliant to get to the finals, it's a big competition and there's lot of different categories, it was exciting to get to the finals.

"This year i want to raise awareness of the album and my music in general and create more of a social platform for myself as an artist."

Now her children are older, Avelia continues to write and play her own music, alongside covers, mostly as a solo act (using backing tracks), or as a duo with pianist.

Locally, Avelia regularly performs for the residents of care homes in the Three Counties area.

'From the Shadows' is available from Avelia's website.