You can’t eclipse the excitement of this solar event.

The gloom descended over LBO land today as the much-anticipated solar eclipse took place.

The moon covered up to 88% of the sun, with the maximum eclipse taking place at around 9.31am.

Several readers have contacted the LBO with their images.

Roy McDonald took this atmospheric photograph from his vantage point on the Sandhills estate.

He said: “I have a long lens 500mm and an SLR. I hoped the sky would break and five minutes before it got to total coverage the clouds broke.

“It was very gloomy but not dark I then took pictures for the next hour as the sky cleared and the moon moved away.

“I’m very interested in photography mainly wildlife and landscape. I did get to see the eclipse in Cornwall 16 years ago which was amazing I would chase them if I had the money as it’s such an amazing moment in our world.”

We’ll be showing more of your photos in Tuesday’s paper.

Send them to us and any video clips to