Photos could provide missing memories

The girl Mrs Richards wants to trace would now be in her 50s or 60s
The girl Mrs Richards wants to trace would now be in her 50s or 60s

A former nursery assistant is appealing for help in tracing one of the children in a collection of old photos.

Adele Richards, nee Bamon, now 80, worked at Leighton Buzzard Nursery when she was 18 and is hoping to reunite the photos with one of the girls in the photos, who she believes was the owners’ daughter.

Nursery photos

Nursery photos

She said: “I came across the photos and thought it would be nice if the girl in the photos could be reunited with them.

“The photos are from a nursery, I worked there in 1954, with a girl called Gail Wheeler.

“The couple that ran the Leighton Buzzard Nursery were a lovely couple and did a great job at the nursery.

“The girl I want to give the photos to is the owners daughter, her brother is also in them and sadly he passed away from cancer when he was a child.

“I thought the mother was wonderful and very hard working, she had to look after a lot of children at that nursery. The girl in the photos is probably in her 50s or 60s now, I would love to find her to give her the photos – especially the ones of her brother as I don’t think she will have any of those photos.

“She was such a lovely little girl and we often helped look after her at weekends.”

Mrs Richards remembers the nursery being in the middle of the town, at the top of a lane, facing an all girls grammar school.

If anyone can help Mrs Richards reunite the photos with the girl, email or call 01582 798507.