Police confirm that man who died after being hit by train was from Leighton Buzzard area

Leighton Buzzard Railway Station
Leighton Buzzard Railway Station

British Transport Police have confirmed this afternoon (Monday) that the person who was killed after being hit by a train at Leighton Buzzard on Saturday was a 38-year-old man.

Officers were called at 3.42pm and the victim, from the Leighton Buzzard area, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The man’s identity has not yet been released, but officers have confirmed that the incident is not being treated as suspicious.

All lines were blocked for a couple of hours following the incident, with disruption lasting until the end of the day. One person told the LBO: “I live down the road from the station and I was outside when a high speed train went by and there was an almighty bang. Then there were about 20 police in high-vis jackets walking down the line and one rail worker in orange overalls.”