Police want to know if you would Cross the Line

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An initiative spearheaded by Bedfordshire Police is proving to be hugely successful in raising awareness among young people of the dangers of radicalisation, hate crime and online extremism.

‘Cross the Line’ is a web app which places the user at the heart of the action by using information from their online personal profiles, alongside video and social media messages, and has attracted 26,300 users in its first month.

The app guides the user along a virtual path which sees them become drawn into the clutches of extremist ideology, before descending into violent hate crime in which they are a suspect.

The user is presented with various choices along the journey which have an impact on the steps they take and decide whether they cross the line into extremist behaviour.

The new initiative aims to show just how easily anyone can become exposed to and influenced by radical behaviour, and to educate young people about what the consequences of this may be.

Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Sebire said: “We’re very pleased that the app has been experienced by so many people since its launch.

“Seeing the number of people that Cross the Line has reached so far, we believe it has the potential to make a significant difference to young people’s attitudes towards radicalisation, hate crime and extremism.”

Go to www.crosstheline.co.uk.

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