Conservatives lose seats but remain comfortably in control of Leighton-Linslade Town Council

The Conservatives remain comfortably in control of Leighton-Linslade Town Council following the local elections, but they did lose a handful of seats.

At the 2015 election there had been 20 Conservatives and just one independent councillor. But following Friday’s poll results it now stands at 14 Conservatives, 4 Liberal Democrats, 2 Independents and 1 Labour.

The White House, Leighton Buzzard

The White House, Leighton Buzzard

In Barnabas Ward, Mark Freeman (Ind) 859, Russ Goodchild (Lib Dem) 634 and Steve Owen (Lib Dem) 645 were elected ahead of Rosie Palmer (Cons) 399, Carole Perham(Cons) 407 , Kevin Pughe (Lib Dem) 494 and Craig Sheppard (Cons) 312.

But it was business as usual for David Bowater, 413, and Amanda Dodwell, 500, who were re-elected for the Conservatives ahead of Joanne Latham (Lib Dem) 181, Frank Garry Lelliott (UKIP) 139, Antonio Vitiello (UKIP) 125, and Janet Woolsley (Labour)203.

In Leston ward Victoria Harvey (Ind) repeated her success at CBC level by being elected with 233 votes ahead of Adam Fahn (Cons) 122 and Keith Minor (Lab) 117.

In Grovebury ward, Carol Chambers (Cons) 870, Jeremy Silverstone (Cons) 765, Farzana Kharawala (Cons) 607 and Anne Gray (Lib Dem) 555 were elected, with Gregory Howe (Lab) 528, Christopher Northedge (Lab) 516 and former mayor Syed Rahman (Cons) 542 missing out.

On Planets, it was success for Sheona Hemmings (Cons) 329 and Steve Jones (Cons) 341, ahead of Mike Bishop (Lab) 260 , Christopher Feander (Lib Dem) 201, Christie Melon (Lab) 169 and Michael Woodhouse (UKIP) 164.

The Conservatives were also triumphant in Plantation ward through Ray Berry, 845, Tony Morris 779 and Brian Spurr 786. Missing out were Kathryn Keeley (Good Value) 440, Rosalind Mennie (Lib Dem) 609, and Caroline Redwood (UKIP) 259.

In Southcott, Peter Snelling (Lib Dem) 905, Karen Cursons (Cons) 856, Clive Palmer (Cons) 869 and Gordon Perham (Cons) 829, were elected ahead of Alan Brandham (Cons) 806 , Nigel Carnell (Lib Dem) 729, Anne Guess (Lib Dem) 722 , John Hewitt (Lib Dem) 700, Michael Niblett (Lab) 311, Christine Sheppard (Lab) 435 and Jane Woodman (Lab) 408.

Jon D’Este-Hoare, owner of Leighton Buzzard Brewery, could raise a glass to his success in St George’s ward. The Conservative was elected with 322 votes along with Daniel Scott (Lab) 384. That result saw town council leader Ewan Wallace defeated, 263, along with Andrew Dore (UKIP) 189.